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Local milk, from local farmers, delivered everyday!

Your Dairy Supplier In The North West

Whether doorstep or wholesale, our customers rely on us to provide them with the freshest and best quality milk and dairy produce available. Our operations team is dedicated to always fulfilling your order the very next day after your order is taken.

As a company and a family, Bates place great emphasis on sustainability and so communicate frequently with both customers and suppliers to ensure they understand their current and future dairy requirements.

The quality and reliability of our service is the most important thing for us. Our whole business is tailored to making sure you get the best quality produce on time when you need it. We have generations of experience in producing and supplying milk and cream, and in understanding the specific needs of our customers across every sector we supply.

Doorstep Customers

Home delivery of milk, direct to your door is a Great British tradition that is undergoing a resurgence in popularity right now. However, it’s not just the freshest milk packaged in environmentally-friendly reusable glass milk bottles that we can deliver.

Your Bates milkmen can also deliver a range of other produce you might use every day from cheese and butter to bread and eggs and much more.

Shops & Wholesalers

Although Bates Dairy began life as a doorstep delivery business, we have grown to become one of the largest independent suppliers of milk to the wholesale and trade markets. Continuity of supply and early deliveries are keys to a great wholesale service, and that’s what we strive to achieve everyday when our wagons leave our depot in the early hours, every morning.

These days, Bates provide hundreds of shops with the milk their customers rely on every day along with supporting a few smaller dairies and wholesalers across the North West.

Catering & Hospitality

If your business operates in the catering or foodservice trade, we know how important it is for your dairy ingredients to be as fresh and flavourful as possible. Bates only supplies locally sourced milk & cream, that’s been freshly pasteurised and packaged every day at our dairy in Southport.

Whether you run a cafe, a restaurant, a hotel or sandwich bar Bates can take care of your milk and dairy needs and also supply a healthy range of other produce direct to your door, sometimes the same day as you order.

Food Manufacturing

So many of the foods we eat have a dairy product in the ingredients. Bates’ absolute commitment to supplying milk and dairy of the highest quality means we are the perfect supplier of milk and cream to food manufactures across the region and further afield.

Bates Dairy can become a key partner for your food manufacturing operation. We will work to integrate seamlessly into your supply chain and provide quality and continuity of supply second to none.

Milk, cream, &
everything in between

We are sure you will find all of our prices very competitive within the market. We do work with all of our customers to provide an individually tailored service that works best for all concerned. If you would like to discuss your businesses specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us today

Our Delivery Locations

Bates deliver fresh dairy produce, direct to private customers doorsteps in Southport, as well as supplying many of the town’s businesses, cafes, hotels and restaurants. We also deliver to many businesses across the region along with supplying produce to some of the area’s smaller dairies.

Just some of the areas we currently supply milk and dairy to are listed below, however, we are always happy to try and extend our service to other parts of the region. Please call or contact us by email to see if we can offer our service in your area.