Bates Dairy's Local Farmers

Producing milk for you... everyday

The Freshest and tastiest milk comes from Local farms. Bates Dairy is proud of our partnership with farmers across the region, and together we look forward to a bright milky white future for our local produce. Below are just a few of the dairy farms that we work with. Take a closer look at them, and the farming families that help Bates Dairy deliver the freshest milk, direct to you, every day.

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Oaks Farm On Wirral

Run by Mark Shepherd and his family

The family have 220 dairy cows on 300 acres and all their heifer replacements are home reared. The farm is mainly grass providing grazing in the summer and silage in the winter for the cows and youngstock. Maize silage is also purchased to feed the cows along with home produced grass silage during the winter.

Brooklet Farm at Brimstage On Wirral

Run By Mike and Phil Harding

Brooklet Farm is run by Donald and his family. `Over the years Donald has grown the farm from an 80 are beginning and moved into several areas from Cows to turkeys. They currently have 300 dairy cows and rear all heifer replacements themselves.

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Storeton House Farm Family Grid Right 19146264244468e4c7788f67688056ea

Storeton House Farm On Wirral

Run By Mike and Grace

Mike and his wife Grace both from farming families moved from Cheshire to Wirral in 1982 having gained the tenancy of Storeton Farm, part of the Leverhulme Estate. The Harding family now farm nearly 750 acres – they care for 350 dairy cows in addition to 350 beef animals.

Westwood Farm On Wirral

Run by David Hughes and His Sons

David was born on Westwood farm and has been running it himself since 1970. In 1972 he expanded the farm to 400 Acres. In the 90s David’s 2 sons returned to the farm to help run the business. Westwood Farm has a total of has 210 dairy cows with all All Heifer replacements home reared.

Westwood Farm David Hughes Farm Grid Left