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Westwood Farm, Wirral

Run by David Hughes and His Sons

David was born at Westwood Farm as his father was a farm There. In 1970 The farmer was ready for retirement and offered David the tenancy which he was pleased to accept. When the owner of the farm died he left his farm to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. David continued as a tenant and in 1972 when the RNLI decided to sell the farm David purchased it and has been farming ever since. David’s wife Diane has worked at the Country Mouse café based at Brimstage craft centre many years until recently but has always helped out on the farm when needed.

David's Son Andrew

Andrew, the eldest son left school to work alongside his father and also did a day release agricultural course and then studied agricultural engineering on a full-time basis for one year at Northop College. On leaving college he worked on an arable farm at Huntingdon, near Peterborough for a few months before returning home in 1990. Andrew is married to Sarah who is a nail technician but also helps on the farm at weekends. They have two children Gemma (16yrs) and Kerry (13yrs) who also help out on the farm.

David's Son Martin

Martin left school and worked full time on a local dairy farm (Brooklet Farm – another of Bates suppliers) whilst attending Reaseheath agricultural college on a day release, he gained a NVQ Level 3 qualification in agriculture. In 1994 Martin returned to work on the family farm but continued to help out with milking at the weekend at Brooklet Farm for a further 5 years. Martin is married to Jeanette, an agricultural secretary at Leahurst Veterinary College (part of the University of Liverpool) and they have two children Alex (16yrs) and Amelia (7yrs). Jeanette regularly helps out with afternoon milkings.

The Farm

Over the years David and the family have expanded the farm, adding additional land, some purchased and some rented. Today the farm total 400 acres with 210 dairy cows. In addition to grassland, they grow Maize, Barley and Lucerne. All for feeding the cows so you could say all they grow eventually finds its way to your glass of fresh milk. At Westwood farms, all Heifer replacements are home reared and cared for by the family.

Farming is a family affair at Westwood Farm. Taking good care of the dairy herd leave little time for hobbies but David Sons still have a try. Martin is a keen Liverpool footballer supporter and Andrew used to enjoy rally driving who still enjoys a good drive now and then even if it’s only on a tractor these days.